Missouri Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

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Updated July 28, 2022

A Missouri real estate agent listing agreement is a written contract that establishes a legal relationship between a real estate agent and their client (seller of real property). This agreement, in accordance with Missouri Real Estate Commission statutes and rules, must include all the necessary terms and conditions in order to ensure both parties are treated fairly during the transaction. The length of the agreement will vary depending on the market, the property, and other contributing factors. By signing a listing agreement, the agent agrees to market, advertise, and attempt to sell the client’s property to the best of their ability. In return, the agent is awarded a percentage of the sale price (commission) once the property sells.

Broker Disclosure Form (§ 339.770) – All clients must be provided with a disclosure form prescribed by MREC before an agency can represent them.

Dual Agency (§ 339.750) – An agent can represent both buyer and seller as long as consent is provided in the form of a written agreement.

Property Disclosure Statement (§ 442.606) – Sellers are not required to disclose property defects, damages, or other issues that may affect a buyer’s decision to purchase the property. Although not obligatory, this form is often completed and provided to the buyer. Sellers are legally obligated to inform buyers if the property was previously used for the production of methamphetamine.

Search a Licensee – Missouri Division of Professional Registration offers a search engine to locate an active licensee.

Other Versions

Missouri Assoc. of Realtors Listing Agreement (Revised 2011)Adobe PDF