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Missouri Buyer Agency Agreement

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Missouri Buyer Agency Agreement

Updated August 02, 2023

A Missouri buyer agency agreement is a form provided by real estate agents that outlines the services they will perform for a person looking to purchase real estate. The broker is bound by the contract to make a reasonable effort to find the buyer purchasable property within their preferred geographical location and price range. The buyer is obliged, as per the agreement, to cooperate with the agent, and the agent will be compensated by receiving a commission based on the sale price. ill be required to pay the agent compensation once a purchase agreement has been accepted.


Broker Disclosure Form (§ 339.770) – Before entering into a buyer agency agreement, real estate agents must disclose all types of agency relationships available to the buyer.

Dual Agency (§ 339.750) – Agents intent on representing both buyer and seller in a real estate transaction must obtain written consent from both parties. The Broker Disclosure Form above can be used for this purpose.

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