Mississippi Buyer Agency Agreement

A Mississippi buyer agency agreement is a legal document that defines the relationship between a real estate agent and their client, specifically a person interested in buying property. The buyer informs the agent what type of property they are looking for, in which area, and in what price range. The agent will provide their services, such as researching properties and communicating with other agents/sellers, and will earn a commission for their labor.


Agency Disclosure Form (MREC 1601 4.1) – This form must be presented to buyers (as well as sellers) before a real estate can take them on as a client. It informs them of the types of agency relationships available to them by the brokerage.

Dual Agency Disclosure Form (MREC 1601-4.3-C) – This form must be read and signed by all parties involved in a real estate transaction where a real estate agent is representing both buyer and seller.