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Mississippi Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

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Mississippi Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

Updated August 07, 2023

A Mississippi real estate agent listing agreement is a contract authorizing a firm or broker to represent a party (hereinafter referred to as “principal”) in selling real estate. The real estate agent will, to the best of their ability, attempt to sell the principal’s property for a fair price in exchange for a commission (percentage of the sale price). The agent is bound by the terms of the agreement to always keep the principal’s best interests in mind. The principal must provide the agent with all the necessary information relating to the property and the sale thereof, ensuring that said information is complete and accurate so the agent can do their job properly.

Agency Disclosure Form (MREC 1601 4.1) – Disclosure form that must be completed upon the first contact with the client.

Dual Agency (MREC 1601-4.3-C) – Written consent must be provided by all parties for a broker to operate in the capacity of dual agent.

  • Dual Agency Disclosure FormPDF

Property Disclosure Form (§ 89-1-503) – A disclosure form must be delivered to the prospective buyer by the seller of real property.

Search a Licensee – Find a real estate agent through Mississippi’s Real Estate Commission web portal.