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Montana Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

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Montana Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

Updated October 05, 2023

A Montana real estate agent listing agreement is a written contract entered into between two parties: a real estate agent and a “principal”. The principal, wishing to sell their residential property, hires the agent to market, advertise, and do their best to sell this piece of property. By signing this contract, the principal agrees not to hire any other agent or agency to sell their property. The agent agrees to perform all the duties described in Montana law § 37-51-313, in an attempt to obtain a fair price for their principal. Once a buyer is found and the sale finalized, the agent will be rewarded a percentage of the sale price (commission).

Agency Disclosure Form (§ 37-51-314) – Real estate agents in Montana must provide their clients with a disclosure statement (non-standardized) before any listing agreement can be signed.

Dual Agency (§ 37-51-314) – Brokers can represent both seller and buyer as dual agents as long as both parties have provided signed, written consent.

Property Disclosure Form – Although not required by law, it is common practice to provide buyers with a Property Disclosure Form before any property transaction.

Search a Licensee – Enter information into Montana’s Labor and Industry database to search for a real estate agent.