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Wyoming Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

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Wyoming Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

Updated April 23, 2024

A Wyoming listing agreement is a contract that establishes the terms under which an agent will operate as a client’s representative for the sale of their property. The agreement form must provide the listing price of the property, the start and termination date of the agreement, the agent’s duties, and the commission that the agent will earn with the sale of the property. Instead of a percentage-based sales commission, an agent and their client can also choose to set a flat commission fee in their agreement. It is in the best interests of the real estate agent to negotiate for a longer-term contract because they must sell the property before the agreement’s termination date in order to earn their commission.

Agency Disclosure Form – Before any discussion or written agreement involving the sale, purchase, exchange, or lease of real estate, brokers must present the buyer or seller with a brokerage disclosure statement.[1]

Disclosed Dual Agency – Illegal in Wyoming.[2]

Property Disclosure Statement – Legally required if the seller is using a real estate agent to sell their property.[3]

Search a Licensee – Real estate licenses can be verified by searching for a licensee on the Wyoming Real Estate Commission webpage.


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