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Nevada Living Will Declaration Form

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The Nevada living will declaration form is a brief form clearly stating the choices that the Declarant/Principal would like to occur in and end of life situation. It references that the patient would not wish to seek artificial treatment options if they should check the appropriate box and sign. This form should be filed with their physician and/or family including close friends.

Definition NRS 449.560

LawsNRS 449.610

Medical Power of Attorney – Allows a surrogate to be elected by a patient to make decisions on their behalf if they should become incapable to do so on their own.

How to Write

Step 1 – Declarant Review of Statement – The Declarant must review all of the statements at the top of the page. If the Declarant would like to include the second section of the statement, they must initial the box at the end of the statement and then enter the following:

  • Date the Declarant’s Signature in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Enter the Declarant’s Signature
  • Enter the Declarant’s Complete address

Step 2 – Witnesses – This form requires the signatures of two (2) witnesses. If both witnesses read the brief witness statement and are in agreement, they must enter the following information:

  • The witnesses must enter their respective signatures
  • AND
  • Enter the witnesses full address