Alaska Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Alaska non-disclosure agreement allows individuals and entities to protect their trade secrets by having the recipient promise not to reveal any of the information to a third (3rd) party. The term of the agreement is usually perpetual and lasts until either the information becomes public or the releasor grants a release. If there are two (2) parties to the agreement, it is considered a mutual agreement where they will be bound to each other. This type of agreement is common when technology is shared in an effort to produce a product or service that serves the interests of both parties.

There are no signing requirements although it is recommended to have the signatures witnessed by a third (3rd) party or a notary public.

Laws – AS 45.50.910

Non-Compete Agreement – Restricts an employee or individual from working in a similar industry as the employer.

(Video) How to Make an NDA in Alaska

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Document Text (.odt).

Step 2 – In “THE PARTIES,” provide the day’s date and the name of both involved parties.

Step 3 – Select the applicable box to describe the nature of the agreement; either Unilateral or Mutual. The descriptions for each agreement type can be found on the form. The relationship held between party A and party B must be described in the third (3rd) section.

Step 4 – In the “OBLIGATIONS” section, indicate the number of days that a party shall be bound to return any materials that the other, “Requesting Party” demands.

Step 5 – The document should be dated, and the names of both parties must be supplied. Once the form has been printed, each party should provide their signatures, preferably before a notary public although this is not legally required.