New York Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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Updated February 21, 2023

A New York non-disclosure agreement is an agreement that protects a business’s Trade Secrets from third parties. Signed by one (1) or two (2) parties (in the case of this particular template), the contract demands that the Trade Secrets and other Confidential Information obtained during employment or association with a company remain protected until they no longer qualify as Trade Secrets, or until written notice has been given. In the case of a Mutual agreement, neither party is the sole owner of the information and therefore neither party is able to disclose it to the public. New York is one of two (2) states (the other being Massachusetts) which has not adopted the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, and instead uses the common-law protection of Trade Secrets which differs greatly.

Laws – New York has yet to adopt an iteration of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act. NY Senate Bill S3457, which would create an act governing trade secrets, is currently under consideration.