Oklahoma Non-Compete Agreement Template

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The Oklahoma Non-Compete Agreement Template can supply some assurance to a Business Entity concerned about the potential of a new business relationship using any shared information improperly or with malice. Now while this agreement must be presented at the start of a business relationship, in this state, the pursuit and acceptance of this relationship may not depend upon this contract’s execution. Otherwise this document will be effective in providing legitimate proof the Recipient gave his or her word that certain restrictions and concerns put forth by the disclosing Company will be complied with. A written promise from the Recipient given before the start of his or her relationship with the Company can be quite valuable since Oklahoma State Law does not necessarily allow for Non-Compete Agreements unless to prevent the Recipient from intentionally and unfairly competing with the Company in a way that severely disables its ability to function.

That is, the concerned Business Entity may only ask the Recipient that he or she absolutely must not directly solicit any combination of services, or goods from any of the previous employer’s established customers of the former employer.


Non-compete agreements are only enforceable if they are reasonable non-compete agreements are generally unenforceable under section 219A of the Oklahoma Statutes, which specifically prohibits non-compete agreements in the context of employment.

LawsOklahoma Statute Title 15, §219A

How to Write

1 – The Contract Introduction Requires The Identities Of The Signature Parties

Use the two blank lines in the first paragraph of “1. Purpose” to record first the Full Company Name of the entity issuing this contract and the Full Recipient Name of the individual who plans on following these directives. The issuing Company should be reported on the first line while the concerned Recipient should be recorded second blank line.

2 – The Restrictions Placed On The Recipient Must Be Held In Relation To Oklahoma State Law

The next part of this document, “2. Non-Compete/Nondisclosure” supplies the Preparer with a method of applying only relevant limitations or restrictions upon the Recipient. Oklahoma State Law will only apply to a Recipient directly abusing a Company’s Private Information in a way that sabotages its ability to compete in its market. There will be several subjects of discussion here “Business Practices,” “Clients/Customers,” “General Competitor(s),” “Specific Competitor(s),” and “Employees.” Each subject will contain a check box and a descriptive statement of the limitations or restrictions that will be imposed if, and only if, the check box is check marked. Each restriction named will only be enforceable if there is a deliberate intent to misuse Company Information for the purpose of crippling its ability to compete.

3 – These Restrictions Must Be Limited In Their Period Of Effect

In order for this document to be effective, a specific Time Period and Region of Effect must be defined. These definitions will be address in the next three articles. To begin, locate “3. Time Period,” then supply the blank space in the first statement with the number of months these conditions are expected to remain active once they have begun.

The next task in this article will be to define precisely when this document’s Effect will take place using the last two statements. Only one of these statements may be chosen to provide a definitive event that will place these conditions on the Recipient. Choose the first statement to set the Effective Date as the Execution Date of this agreement or choose the second statement to name the Termination of the Recipient’s relationship with the Company as the beginning of the Effective Period.

The Company issuing these conditions will also need to indicate its standing on whether the Recipient may purchase a release from all terms and liabilities named in this paperwork. If so, then mark the first statement check box in “4. Purchase Option.” This statement will demand the payment amount to be clearly defined as written words on the first blank space then numerically on the second blank space.

If the issuing Company chooses not to provide this option thereby, preferring the employee maintain confidentiality until the time period has elapsed then select the second statement’s check box in “4. Purchase Option”

It will also be necessary to declare the region where the Recipient will be held in compliance. Supply the Neighborhood, County, or City and the State Name where the Company insists on imposing these conditions on the blank space in “5. Jurisdiction.”

6 – The Execution Of This Contract Depends Strictly Upon The Required Signatures Of Acknowledgement

Once this contract has been filled out to the satisfaction of both parties, locate “13. Entire Agreement,” then in the last statement, supply the Calendar Day of the Month when this document is being executed on the first blank space. On the second blank space enter the Name of the Month of this contract’s Execution Date. Finally, report the Year of this document’s Execution Date on the third blank space.

Each Signature Participant of this agreement is required to provide a valid Signature of Acceptance. The section labeled “The Company” on the left-hand side of the page below the “13. Entire Agreement” section must be signed by a Signature Representative of the Company who has been fully authorized to sign this paperwork on its behalf. This entity should sign his or her Name on the first line in this section.

Next, the Company’s Signature Representative must supply his or her Printed Name and Title on the next blank line.

Beneath these items, on the line labeled “Date,” the Company Representative must validate his or her Signature items by entering the Date they were provided.

The Recipient must fulfill the section titled “Recipient,” by signing his or her Name on the “Signature” line.On the empty line just over the words “Print Name,” the Recipient must furnish his or her Name in Print

Lastly, the Recipient will need to verify that he or she verify the Signature Items were provided on the Date of Execution by entering the current Date on the last blank space in this section.