Maryland Non-Solicitation Agreement

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Updated April 20, 2022

A Maryland non-solicitation agreement is an addendum to an employment contract that sets limitations for the employee’s right, whenever they stop working for the company, to provide similar services to direct competitors or even in the same market as the employer. It can also include clauses about forbidding the former employee from trying to “steal” customers or other employees for their own professional purposes. This agreement usually establishes a specific time frame for which the limitations are legally enforceable.

Legally Enforceable in Maryland? 

Yes, if it is attached to an employment contract and its limitations are necessary (within reason) to protect the employer’s business. The agreement can’t create any unnecessary difficulties for the employee, either professionally or personally. It also can’t ignore how the limitations might affect the employee’s abilities to serve the general public, particularly if their skill set is highly specialized or uncommon (Becker v. Bailey, 299 A.2d 835, 837-38 (Md. 1973), Tuttle v. Riggs-Warfield-Roloson, Inc., 246 A.2d 588, 590 (Md. 1968)).