Arizona Notary Acknowledgment Form

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An Arizona notary acknowledgment form is used by a public official to certify an individual’s signature on a document. There are a number of documents that may require notary acknowledgment, mostly legal agreements, estate administrations, and property transactions. The individual(s) presenting the document must declare that they have included their signature(s) under their own free will, at which point the notary will verify the identities of all parties involved. It is not necessary for signatures to be completed in front of the notary; however, signing in front of a notary could avoid future complications or delays. Upon verification of all identities and signatures, the notary will sign, date, and include their stamp/seal on the acknowledgment form.

Laws§ 33-506

Notary Handbook – The Arizona Notary Public Reference Manual includes concise explanations of the State’s notary law as well as the duties and responsibilities of all commissioned public officers.

How to Notarize in Arizona

Step 1 – Often the business or entity an individual is dealing with will have a notary under their employ. If not, one of the following places will have a notary public available:

Step 2 – The document to be notarized must be completed in full and presented to the notary public. Unless the document requires an acknowledgment, the signature fields should be left blank and only filled out in the presence of the notary.

Step 3 – The notary will verify the identities of all parties involved, with each signing party personally appearing before the notary. The signers’ identities can be verified through personal recognition from the notary.

Step 4 – Signatures can be inscribed once identities have been confirmed. In cases where signatures have already been included on the document (acknowledgments), each signer must declare that they signed under their own free will.

Step 5 – The notary public will complete the appropriate notarial certificate, ie the statement certifying the notarization of the document. In order for the document to be legally binding, the notary must sign and include their seal on the certificate.

Verify a Notary in Arizona

Step 1 – Visit the Arizona Secretary of State’s Notary Search webpage.

Step 2 – To perform a notary search, a last name (or a part thereof) and ZIP code or county must be provided. Searches can be refined by entering more information, including first name, notary ID, commission expiration, and business name. Click Search to obtain results.

Step 3 – Results will appear in alphabetical order and will include the number, full name, status, business name, city, Zip code and expiration date of each notary public.

Step 4 – Selecting a notary public from the list and clicking View will display further details on the officer, including their address, business hours, phone number, and commission details.

How to Write (For Notary)

Step 1 – Download form in Adobe PDF, Word, or ODT.

Step 2 – Enter the following information on the form:

  • County
  • Date
  • Name
  • Signature
  • Title/rank
  • Serial number (if applicable)

Include seal or stamp on the form and ensure that it is clearly visible.