Louisiana Notary Acknowledgment Form

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Updated August 03, 2022

A Louisiana notary acknowledgment form is a statement attached to a document certifying the authenticity of the signatures therein. Typically used when notarizing a legal document, an acknowledgment form is completed by a notary public once they have performed the necessary duties. These duties include verifying the identity of each signer and ensuring that they have signed (or are signing) under their own free will. Each signer must personally appear before the notary and, unless the notary can verify their identity through personal recognition, the signer must produce a piece of identification. When getting a document acknowledged, it can be presented to the notary with the signatures already included within. Some choose to wait and sign in front of the notary, but this is not a requirement. The document is considered acknowledged once the notary has filled out the acknowledgment form complete with signature, which acts as the notary’s seal (Louisiana Administrative Code 46:XLCI.131).

Laws§ 35-511

Notary Handbook – A helpful reference pertaining to the laws, regulations, and proper procedures of commissioned officers (notaries) in Louisiana.

How to Notarize in Louisiana

Step 1 – Locate a notary public in your County; one of the following options is a good place to start:

Step 2 – Once a notary has been selected, bring the document to them complete except for the signature fields. When getting a document acknowledged, the signature fields can be completed beforehand.

Step 3 – All signers must personally appear before the notary and identify themselves. This can be accomplished through personal recognition, a piece of photo ID (preferably with a signature), or a credible witness (in special circumstances).

Step 4 – Once identities have been confirmed, individuals can sign the document while the notary observes. For acknowledgments, each signer must simply declare that they signed the document willingly.

Step 5 – Oaths and affirmations attesting to the truthfulness of the document must be made. This mostly applies to notarial acts such as jurats, also known as sworn statements.

Step 6 – The notary must complete the notarial certificate and ensure their signature is included, as this acts as the official notary seal in the State of Louisiana.

Verify a Notary in Louisiana

Step 1 – Visit the official Notary Search webpage to begin a notary search.

louisiana secretary of state tom schelder homepage banner

Step 2 – Select one of the following search types:

  • Name
  • Zipcode
  • Notary number
  • Bar roll number

search for louisiana notaries page

Step 3 – Enter a last name and first name into the appropriate fields to search for notaries by name; a last name must be provided at the very least. Click Search.

notary search by name

Step 4 – To verify a notary by Zipcode, enter the code into the available field and click Search.

notary search by zip code

Step 5 – The third search option is “Notary Number.” Enter the notary number into the search field and click Search.

notary search by notary number

Step 6 – The last option is to search by “Bar Roll number.” Enter this number into the empty space and click Search.

notary search by bar roll number

Step 7 – Users will be able to see the type of notary, parish, commission date, and status beside each notary name. “Notary Number” and “Bar Roll number” searches should yield more specific search results.

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Step 8 – Click on a notary’s name to view more detailed information, including their address, phone number, notary number, and agency.

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How to Write (For Notary)

Step 1 – Download the Louisiana Notary Acknowledgment Form in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, or ODT.

Step 2 – Enter the name of the Parish in which this document is being notarized. Provide today’s date as well as the name of the person being acknowledged.

Step 3 – Include signature, title/rank, notary ID number, or attorney bar roll number at the bottom of the acknowledgment form.