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Wyoming Notary Acknowledgment Form

Wyoming Notary Acknowledgment Form

Updated September 01, 2023

A Wyoming notary acknowledgment form is a device that a notary public uses to verify signatures on official documents. It provides legal evidence that the individuals involved in the transaction have been identified and that they have signed the documents of their own volition.

Notaries will often acknowledge mortgages, powers of attorney, deeds, and other papers which require legal authentication. In order to have a signature authenticated, the requesting parties must bring their documents to a notary public and provide satisfactory identification. The notary will then complete the acknowledgment form to verify their signatures.

Laws – § 34-26-108

Notary Handbook – This document explains the process of becoming a notary in Wyoming as well as other important details relating to proper operating procedures.

How to Notarize in Wyoming (4 steps)

  1. Find Notary
  2. Present Paperwork
  3. Show ID
  4. Sign

1. Find Notary

Start by locating a notary public in Wyoming. The following places commonly offer notarial services:

2. Present Paperwork

Next, bring your documents to a notary public for examination (you may be required to pay a processing fee for notarial services).

3. Show ID

The notary will be required to identify you by one (1) of the following methods:

  • Personal knowledge of your identity
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Oath or affirmation made by a credible witness personally known to both you and the notary
  • Oath or affirmation made by two (2) witnesses not involved in the document or transaction who you know personally and who provide government-issued photo ID

4. Sign

After the notary has reviewed your identification, you will be asked to supply your signature to the initial documents. In the event that you have already signed your documents, you will be asked to attest to the authenticity of the written signature(s). The notary will then complete the acknowledgment form thus finalizing the notarization process.

Verify a Notary in Wyoming (6 steps)

Step 1

The State of Wyoming offers no official means to verify a notary. However, you may conduct a notary search on a private search portal to locate notaries within the State. This process can be accomplished by navigating to 123Notary.com and locating the “Wyoming Notary Search Methods” heading.

wyoming notary search on 123notary website

Step 2

In order to locate a notary within a specific city, select Lookup Wyoming Notary listing by City.

wyoming notary search methods

Enter a city name in the “Search by Name” entry field and click Submit. Alternatively, you may select a letter from the alphabet and choose a city from the subsequent list.

wyoming notary search by city

The next page contains a list of notaries operating within the previously specified city. Select one (1) of the notary names to review a brief profile of the individual.

notary public search results

Step 3

To search for notaries within a Wyoming county, navigate back to the Main Search Page and select Lookup a Wyoming Notary Public by County.

wyoming notary search methods

Here, a list of Wyoming counties will be available to you. Select one (1) of the county names to proceed.

wyoming notary list of counties

This page allows you to view the notaries operating within the specified county. From the list, choose one (1) of the notary names to be taken to a page with more information on that particular individual.

notary public search results

Step 4

You may also search for notaries in alphabetical order. This can be accomplished by navigating back to the main search page and selecting Look up all Wyoming Notaries in alphabetical order.

wyoming notary search methods

The next page will provide you with an alphabetical list of notaries operating in Wyoming. Click on a notary’s name if you’d like to review their credentials and contact information.

notary public search results in alphabetical order

Step 5

Back on the main search page, select Lookup a WY Notary by Zip Code to conduct a notary search within a specific zip code area. This search function and the “Lookup a WY Notary Public by Advanced Search” will lead you to the same webpage.

wyoming notary search methods

Enter either a zipcode or notary number in the applicable field. Once entered, click the corresponding search button to submit your query.

notary search by location

If you’ve chosen to search for a notary operating within a certain zip code, your search results will be that of the notaries registered within that area. Click on a notary’s name to view a detailed profile of the individual.

If you instead supplied a notary number in your search, the results of your search will be limited to that of the single individual corresponding with the specified notary number.

notary search results by location

Step 6

The last available search option found on the main search page allows you to view all newly registered notaries in Wyoming. Select Lookup all New Wyoming Notaries in our directory to proceed.

wyoming notary search methods

A list of all newly registered notaries will be presented on this page. More information on any individual can be accessed by selecting their name (highlighted in blue).

notary search results

How to Write (For Notary)

Step 1 – Download the Wyoming notary acknowledgment form in either PDF, Microsoft Word, or Open Document Text.

Step 2 – The form must be filled in with the following details:

  • State
  • County
  • Date of acknowledgment
  • Name of person(s)
  • Notary signature
  • Notary seal/stamp
  • Notary title and rank
  • Notary commission expiry date