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Arizona Single Member LLC Operating Agreement Form

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Arizona Single Member LLC Operating Agreement Form

Updated December 08, 2021

An Arizona single-member LLC operating agreement is a legal document used by a company run by a sole proprietor. The document, although it is not required by the state, is needed, considering, the operation of any business without the agreement will always leave the business and the member(s) vulnerable in the event of litigation of any kind. With this form, completed and in possession of the member, their personal assets would then be legally separate from the business assets, holding the personal assets of the member, harmless to any person or entity who should impose any form of legal action against the company.

The document will also outline company policies, will hold investment funds inside of the business, shall assign the member’s interest, set company policies, and more. The document should be carefully reviewed by the single-member, prior to completion. If the member is not comfortable with their understanding of terms or any other aspect of the document, the member may choose to select a knowledgeable attorney to provide any needed assistance with the form.