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Connecticut Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement Form

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The Connecticut multi-member LLC operating agreement is a legal document that is used for use by a company that will have multiple members, owning and operating the business. The document will help the members outline the standard operating procedures that, once completed, all members will follow, in a uniform fashion, respecting the regulations, created by the members, to keep the company healthy.

The State of Connecticut does not require any company to have the document in order to have a business that would reside within the state, however, it is recommended, highly, that all businesses set up an operating agreement. Without it, the business will have no protections under that law, for their members, in the event of litigation and/or bankruptcy. Possession of this form provides protections for all members, by legally separating the member’s personal assets from those of the business. The document will also provide tax benefits for which the members would otherwise not be eligible to take advantage. Prior to application of signatures, all members must be in the presence of a Notary Public

How to Write

Step 1 – When the document has been downloaded, enter the name of the company at the top of the form

Step 2 – The Agreement –

  • Enter the date in which the document shall become effective, in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Submit the names of all members

Step 3 – Formation –  Complete by reviewing all aspects of the section, entering all required information into the lines provided:

  • Submit the effective date in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Enter the name of the company
  • Read the remainder of this titled section

Name –

  • Submit the business name in which the company will conduct business
  • Read the section titled “Purpose”

Office –

  • Provide a complete physical address where the business office shall be situated

Registered Agent –

  • Enter the full name of the initial registered agent inside of the state of Connecticut
  • Entered the registered office address

Term –

  • Submit the commencement date of the term of the company in mm/dd/yyyy format

Complete the section by reviewing the following titled sections:

  • Names and Addresses of Members
  • Admission of Additional Members

Step 4 – Review, carefully, all of the following titles sections and their respective subsections –

  • Capital Contributions
  • Allocations of Profits and Losses; Distributions
  • Indemnifications
  • Powers and Duties of Managers
  • Salaries, Reimbursement, and Payment of Expenses
  • Books of Account, Accounting Reports, Tax Returns, Fiscal Year, Banking
  • Transfer of Membership Interest
  • Dissolution and Winding Up of the Company

Step 5 – General Provisions – Review all subsections as follows:

  • 10.1 Amendments
  • 10.2 Governing Las
  • 10.3 Entire Agreement; Modification
  • Attorney Fees
  • Further Effect
  • Severability
  • Captions
  • Notices

Step 6 – Signatures and Notarization – All signatures must be recorded and witnessed by a notary public:

  • All members must type or print their names
  • All members must submit their signatures

Step 7 – Listings of Members – Schedule 1 –  Submit the name of the company at the top of the page:

  • Enter the date that the listing is being created in dd/mm/yy format
  • Submit the names of the members in the lines provided
  • Submit the addresses of the members (respectively)
  • AND
  • Print or Type the member’s names
  • Enter the signatures of each member

Step 8 – Listing of Capital Contributions – Schedule 2  – Submit the name of the company at the top of the form, provide the following:

  • Enter the name of each contributing member of the company
  • Submit the amount of each member’s contribution
  • Enter each member’s percentage of interest/ownership
  • Enter the date the member’s signatures are entered, in dd/m/yy format
  • AND
  • Type or print the member’s names, respectively
  • Each member must also enter their signatures

Step 9 – Listing of Valuation of Members Interest – Schedule 3 – Submit the company name in the first line at the top of the page

  • Enter the name of each member
  • Enter the member’s Valuation Endorsement
  • Provide the  date in which the member’s signatures will be entered, in dd/m/yy format

Step 10 – Notarization –

  • The notary public will witness and record all signatures. Once the signatures have been witnessed, the notary shall complete the Notary Acknowledgement page, apply their signature and affix their official seal.

Copies must be provided to all members for their own record keeping purposes