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Iowa Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement Form

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The Iowa single-member LLC operating agreement is a legal document that is created specifically for use by a sole proprietor so they would have the ability to establish company ownership as well, any specific company procedures and policies.

Iowa does not require that businesses that shall reside within the state, implement the document, however, if the member should decide against the implementation of the document, the owner could well find that their personal assets and financial accounts would be vulnerable in the event of any litigation or failures in the business. If the document is implemented, the owner’s assets would be allowed protection over their personal and financial asset, by the provision of separation between the owner’s assets and the business. Placement of the document will also provide tax benefits that would be otherwise unavailable.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the document. Submit the company name at the top of the form

Step 2 – The Agreement –

  • Submit the date in which the document shall be entered, in mm/dd/yy format
  • Enter the company name into the line provided
  • Apply the owner’s full name

Step 3 – Organization of the Company – The member will need to review all titled sections and subsections. Fill in all required information.

Formation –

  • Submit the company name
  • Enter the date that the document will be filed with the state

Purposes and Powers –

  • Provide a brief description pertaining to the purposes of the company
  • Review subsections ii and b

Titled Sections – Continue by conducting a careful review of the following sections and subsections:

  • Duration
  • Registered Office and Resident Agent
  • Capital Contributions and Distributions
  • Books, Records and Accounting (subsections a and b)
  • Member’s Capital Accounts
  • U.S. Federal / Florida State Income Tax Treatment
  • Rights, Powers and Obligations of Member – In subsection A – “Authority” – Submit the owner’s name then continue to read subsections b through g
  • Limitation of Liability; Indemnification – Read subsections a) i through v
  • Death, Disability, Dissolution – subsections a through c-i and ii
  • Miscellaneous Provisions – review all subsections a through f