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Missouri Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement Form

The Missouri multi-member LLC operating agreement is a legal contract between the owners of an LLC. It lets them set financial terms among themselves as well as establishing their rights and duties and managers’ rights and duties. Thus, they can allocate future profits and losses among themselves to provide predictability, and they can record their ownership percentages and values of their shares in the company. Missouri law requires LLC owners to create an operating agreement.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the company name at the top. In the area below, write the date and each member’s name. If there are more than three owners, write their names on an additional sheet and attach it to the agreement.

Step 2 – Section 1:

  • 1.1 Formation – Write the day, month, and year the company formed, and the company name twice.
  • 1.2 Name – Write the company’s name again.
  • 1.4 Office – Enter the full street address of the LLC’s main office in Missouri.
  • 1.5 Registered Agent – This refers to a person you want to receive official correspondence for your company. Enter the person’s full name and street address her.
  • 1.6 Term – Mark the date when the company commenced business here.

Step 3 – Page 9: The members must sign here and print their names.

Step 4 – Schedule 1: Here, record each owner’s name and address, and then have them all sign.

Step 5 – Schedule 2: List all the capital contributions the owners made here, as well as their percentages of interest. Get them to sign as well.

Step 6 – Schedule 3: Enter each member’s valuation endorsement, which refers to the actual value of each one’s share of the company. If there are more owners than spaces, for each schedule, simply insert the additional owners’ names and information on separate sheets and attach them.

To make the document more official and support its authenticity, you can choose to have a notary public complete the remaining page at the end.