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New Jersey Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement Form

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The New Jersey Multi-Member LLC operating agreement is designed for a company with more than one (1) owner. This document is required to show the owners’ percentage of the members’ ownership. The agreement allows owners to establish exact ownership distribution. The document, although there are no requirements to file with the state, all members must be responsible to retain their own documented information and daily activity information.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the Document and enter the name of the company in the line at the top of the page

Step 2 – Section 1 – Provide the effective date in which the document shall be executed in mm/dd/yyyy format, followed by entering the name of the company. Again, enter the name of the company in the third line within the section. All members must carefully review the remainder of this section. Submit the name in which the company business will be conducted. The name must be agreed upon by all members. Enter the complete physical address. Enter the full name as well as the complete address of the initial registered agent. Provide the date in which the term of the company shall commence in mm/dd/yyyy format.

Step 3 – All members, prior to the submission and notarization of signatures, must carefully read and agree to the contents of all of the titled sections and their subsections numbered Section 2 through Section 10.

Step 4 – Once all sections have been carefully reviewed, understood and agreed to, each member must provide their individual printed or typed names and signatures in agreement to this portion of the document

Step 5 – Within the section “Listing of Members- Schedule 1,” the name of the company must be listed in the line at the top of the page. Enter the date in which the members shall be listed, in dd/m/yy format. Each respective member must enter their name and complete address. Members must then authorize the provision of the listing(s) by dating the signatures in dd/mm/yyyy format. Complete this page by entering each member’s printed or typed name and signature.

Step 6 – On the page “Listing of Capital Contributions – Schedule 2,” again, enter the name of the company in the first line of the page. Next, enter the name of the member, respectively. Then enter their financial contribution, and finally their percentage of each member’s ownership. Submit the date of the authorizing signatures in dd/m/yy format. The members shall then, again, provide their typed or printed names and signatures

Step 7 – In the “Listing of Valuation of Members Interest – Schedule 3,” provide the company name in the top line of the page. Enter the names of all members and then their valuation endorsement. Provide the date of completion of this page in dd/m/yy format. Finalize this document by entering the typed or printed names of the respective members and then their signatures.

Step 8 – All of the signatures, throughout the document, must be properly witnessed and recorded by a notary public or other court-approved officer. Once the officer has witnessed all signatures, the officer or notary shall then provide all of the required information and shall affix the seal in full acknowledgement of the validity of the document’s pages.