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Rhode Island LLC Operating Agreements (2)

A Rhode Island LLC operating agreement is a legal document that sets forth company procedures, policies, officers, and the ownership of each member. The agreement must be signed and agreed upon unanimously by the members. After completion, each member should keep a copy, as it is not filed with the Secretary of State.
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Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement – For use by a sole proprietor to establish the policies and procedures of their company in preparation for filing with the State.

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Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement – For use by companies with more than one (1) managing member. The document shall guide the users through the process of establishing written information pertaining to the company and members, so that the information may be properly filed with the State.

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State Definition

“Operating agreement” means any agreement, written or oral, of the members as to the affairs of a limited-liability company and the conduct of its business. An operating agreement also includes a document adopted by the sole member of a limited-liability company that has only one member and may include as a party one or more managers who are not members.


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