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Utah LLC Operating Agreements (2)

A Utah LLC operating agreement is a legal document outlining a company's activities and affairs and the relations between its members. The agreement states how the company will operate and includes its ownership structure. It must be agreed to and signed by all members of the entity, regardless of their ownership interest.
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By Type (2)

Single Member LLC Operating Agreement – To be used by a sole proprietor creating a company with only one (1) owner.

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Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement – For use by a company that has two (2) or more owners.

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State Definition

“Operating agreement” means the agreement, whether or not referred to as an operating agreement and whether oral, implied, in a record, or in any combination thereof, of all the members of a limited liability company, including a sole member, concerning the matters described in Subsection 48-3a-112(1). The term includes the agreement as amended or restated.


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