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Alaska DMV Power of Attorney | Form 847

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Alaska DMV Power of Attorney | Form 847

Updated March 07, 2023

An Alaska DMV power of attorney (Form 847) may be used by an owner of a vehicle to assign someone else to sign any and all documents relating to its title and registration. Only an original will be qualified and accepted by the DMV and it must be accompanied by either the Vehicle Transaction Application (Form 812) and/or the Vehicle Transaction Application (Form 821).

How to Write

1 – Obtain the PDF Form

The State of Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles Power of Attorney may be obtained as a PDF file from this page. The image on the left presents a “PDF” button below it that you may use to gain access to this form immediately.

2 – Report Required Information

Begin by inputting the name of the principal on the blank space on the first line (following the word “I”).

Then report the attorney-in-fact that you would like to be handling the vehicle title and registration on the second blank space of this page (following the term “attorney-in-fact”).

Enter the vehicle information in the appropriate areas. This will consist of its “Serial # (VIN),” “Year,” and “Make.” This will be the vehicle the Principal will give Decision Making Power and Signature Authority to the Agent named above.

3 – Notarized Principal Signature

At the end of this document, the Principal must Sign his or her Name on the Signature Line, then Date the Signature in the space provided. If there is a specific “ADL or Other ID Number” the Principal may report this may be done on the last blank space in this line.

Note: The area below this starting with the phrase “Subscribed and Sworn To Before Me This…” may only be satisfied by the Notary Public attending this Signing and providing Notarization.