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Alaska Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

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Alaska Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form gives a person the ability to transfer their individual monetary and business rights to someone else. The principal should know the full capacity to which the power they are giving their agent by reading the form and initializing where necessary. In addition, the principal should be advised that the power they are giving the agent remains in force even if they should become incapacitated (not legally able to make decisions any longer on their own), unless otherwise is stated.

Laws – AS 13.26.332

Signing Requirements – Must be notarized.

Medical Power of Attorney (Advance Health Care Directive) – Elect an agent to make medical decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated.

How to Write

1 – Save the Form to Your Machine

Locate the appropriate button on the right, below the image. This will allow you to save this form directly to your machine. You may use an appropriate editing program to fill in this paperwork on screen or you may print it then enter the information manually. This must be filled in legibly.

2 – Declare the Principal and Representative

The first piece of information to record is the Name of the Principal.

Next, the Address of the Principal will need to be documented. Do this on the blank line labeled “Address of principal.”

The next items of information required will be the Full Name and Complete Address of the Agent who’s agreed to accept the responsibility of the Principal’s Authority.

3 – Specify Agent Power

In Section 2 the agent will have the powers listed in the statements labeled “A” through “O.” to have all the powers listed UNLESS the principal draws a line through it and initials next the letter. If the principal approves of all the powers he/she should leave the fields blank (A thru O). Any statements here that bear the Principal’s Initials and have a line drawn through it will be considered a subject the Agent has no Authority in. If a subject not mentioned here should be defined for exclusion from Agent Authority, the Principal should initial the blank line preceding “O” then define it. This too would have to be crossed out to indicate the Principal does not wish to assign Authority in said subject to the Agent

4 – Alternate Agents

In Section 3 check the statement that best defines how the Principal wishes Authority to be handled by multiple
Agents bearing Principal Authority. If Agents may act independently, mark the first item. If the Agents must confer with one another before taking action, then check the second item.

5 – Determining Period of Effect

In Section 4, define if the document should become effective immediately or upon the incapacitation of the principal. Mark the first statement if the Authority being granted becomes effective upon the Principal signing or the second statement if the Authority being granted only becomes effective if the Principal is disabled.

Section 5 should have the word “Yes” in the first statement. This will indicate the document’s effect will be upon signing and Authority will not be affected should the Principal gain a disability.

Section 6 will provide the opportunity for the Principal to automatically have Authority returned at the end of a defined time period starting with the Date of Signature. If the Principal desires such a Time Period defined, it may be done so by reporting the Years and Months this document remains in effect on the blank spaces provided.

6 – Health Care Status

In Section 8, If the Principal has executed an Alaska Advance Health Care Directive, mark the first blank space with a check mark or an “X.” If not, then mark the second blank space with a check mark or an “X.”

7 – Precautionary Alternate Agents

In Section 9 enter any successor attorney-in-fact’s information. You may declare up to two (2). Make sure to define the Full Name of each along with the Complete Address where that individual may be found. This will enable one of the individuals listed here, to assume Authority in Principal matters should the primary Agent, listed at the top of the page, be unable to fulfill such responsibility.

10 – Verifying Third Party Notice of Agent Authority

On the last line the signature of the Principal should be placed ONLY when a notary public is present to witness. The Signature Date must be entered in the statement beginning with “In Witness Whereof, I have signed…,” then the Principal must Sign his or her Name on the “Signature of principal” line.


After this, the document is complete and may be distributed to all those involved. The area below this may only be filled out by a Notary Public.

The last area of this document is conditional. That is, if a Translator was necessary, then he or she must fill in the language they translated to and from English. Once this is done, the Translator should Sign his or her Name in the space provided.