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Alaska Advance Health Care Directive Form

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Alaska Advance Health Care Directive Form

Updated February 26, 2024

An Alaska advance directive is a document that allows a person to choose up to two healthcare agents to act in their place if they should not be able to speak for themselves. In addition, there is a section that lets a person decide their medical treatment options if they should be in a state of permanent incapacitation with no cure.

Signing Requirements

A principal is required to sign an advance directive with either a notary public or two (2) witnesses.[1] If a principal chooses to have the document witnessed, the witnesses must be personally known to the principal[2] and neither can be:

  • Your health care agent (the person you named to make health care decisions for you if you can’t make them for yourself);[3] or
  • Your health care provider;[4]
  • An employee of a health care provider or an employee of the health care institution or facility where the principal is receiving care that is not related by blood, marriage, or adoption.[5]

Versions (4)

  1. Alaska Division of Public Health
  2. Institute for Human Caring
  3. Mental Health Advance Directive
  4. Providence Health
Alaska Division of Public Health

Download: PDF, MS Word, OpenDocument

Institute for Human Caring

Download: PDF

Mental Health Advance Directive

Download: PDF

Providence Health

Download: PDF


Unless a principal is incapacitated, an agent can be removed from their position by authorizing a revocation form. This can be done at any time and in any manner that communicates an intent to revoke.[6]

State Definition

An advance health care directive means an individual instruction or a durable power of attorney for health care.[7]

Statutory Form

There is no statutory form. However, the Alaska Court System (Div. of Public Health) provides a recommended document.


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