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Alaska Minor Children Power of Attorney Form | PG-700

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Alaska Minor Children Power of Attorney Form | PG-700

Updated June 05, 2023

An Alaska minor children power of attorney (PG-700) assigns an individual other than a legal parent or guardian to manage all of the affairs for the principal’s children and/or dependents for up to one (1) year. The elected person has the right to make any decision for the child except the power to consent to marriage or adoption. The appointed guardian will need to be designated by the principal through this form by completing and signing with a notary public present with their seal that is required.

How to Write

1 – Secure the Form

A link to the “Alaska Delegation of Powers by Parent or Guardian” form may be found on the right of this page under the image. Select the button noting the file type you wish to work with by clicking on the one labeled “PDF” or the one labeled “Word.” Save the file you selected to your computer then open it with a program you can use to enter information onscreen. If you cannot enter information onscreen, you may print it then type in the information.

2 – Supplying Information for the Required Language

This document will begin requiring several items of fact. The first item to be reported must be done so on the first line. Enter the Name of the Parent/Guardian (Principal) delegating Authority.

On the second line, report the Address of the Parent or Guardian issuing this document.

The second space on the second line calls for the Name of the Agent receiving the Authority defined in this paragraph over the Principal’s child or ward.

The next line requires the Agent’s Address to be entered on the space preceding the words “…as my attorney.”

3 – Defining the Child/Ward

Locate the two checkboxes in this paragraph: “child” and “ward.” Indicate if the relation the minor has with the Principal by checking one of these boxes.

On the next blank space, report the Name of the Child or Ward this document refers to.

On the next blank space enter the Month and Day of the Child’s Birth Date, then after the number “19,” report the two-digit Birth Year. If the minor was born in or after the year 2000, change the “19” to a “20.”

4 – Principal Declaration

Locate the statement beginning with the words “Dated this…,” then report the Date this document is being Signed by the Principal.

Finally, the Principal must Sign his or her Name on the Signature Line.

The bottom of this page must be filled in and stamped by a Notary.


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