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Alabama Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Alabama Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 05, 2023

An Alabama limited power of attorney form lets a principal state a clearly defined financially related power that another person may take on their behalf. That person is known as the ‘agent’. The power the principal would like to allow the agent to wield should be written in the blank on the first (1st) page. Afterward, it should be printed and signed with a notary present to seal and the document becomes legal for use by the agent(s).

How to Write

1 – Secure the Alabama Limited Power of Attorney Form

You may save this form directly to your computer by clicking on the “PDF” or “Word” buttons beneath the Form Image on the right of this page.

2 – Identify the Parties

Locate the words “Be it acknowledged…” On the blank space following this term, the Principal must enter his or her Name. Then, on the space labeled “social security number,” the Principal must have his or her Social Security Number presented.

Record the Social Security Number of the Principal on the next blank space

On the blank line labeled “Full Name,” just after the term “specific power of attorney…,” record the Full Name of the Agent who the Principal wishes to grant a Limited Power of Attorney.

The Address of the Agent should be filled into the space labeled “Address” just below the area where the Agent Name was reported

3 – Define the Authority

Find the statement beginning with the phrase “Said attorney-in-fact shall have full power…” Report the specific subjects and actions the Agent may take on behalf of the Principal. The Principal must be specific in describing how and what the Agent may act with Authority on his or her behalf. If there is not enough room, you may add more lines with either a PDF or Word program. You may also cite an attachment that is clearly labeled as such then attached by the time of Signing.

4 – Verifying Authority

This area must be completed in the presence of a Notary Public.

The Principal should be familiar with the wording that concludes this document. Below this, on the three spaces following the words “Signed this,” the Principal will need to report the Calendar Day, Month, and Year he or she is Signing this form.

On the blank line labeled “Principal’s Signature,” the Principal must Sign his or her Name.

 The Notary Public is the only party who may fill in the area below the Principal’s Signature Line. The Notary will note the Location, Date, and Parties present then Notarize the document.