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Alabama Advance Directive Form

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Alabama Advance Directive Form

Updated February 27, 2024

An Alabama advance directive allows an individual to select someone else to make health care decisions on their behalf and to decide life-ending treatment options. This form is primarily used for those in riskier health situations and the elderly. After signing, it should be kept in a safe and accessible place in the event of an emergency.

Signing Requirements

A principal must sign with two (2) witnesses of at least 19 years old who can’t be the agent or related to the principal by blood, marriage, or someone entitled to any portion of the principal’s estate or a person paying for the principal’s medical care.[1]

Versions (5)

  1. Alabama Hospital Association
  2. Baptist First
  3. Homestead Hospice
  4. Huntsville Hospital
  5. Spanish (Español)
Alabama Hospital Association

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Baptist First

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Homestead Hospice

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Huntsville Hospital

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Spanish (Español)

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There is no official registry, but an individual can register an advance directive with the probate judge in the county where they reside.[2]


An advance directive can be terminated in any of the following methods:

  • Destroying the document;
  • By a written revocation form;
  • Verbal expression to a witness of at least 19 years of age or older who places such revocation in writing. Such revocation becomes effective upon receipt by an attending physician or health care provider.[3]

State Definition

ADVANCE DIRECTIVE FOR HEALTH CARE. A writing executed in accordance with Section 22-8A-4 which may include a living will, the appointment of a health care proxy, or both such living will and appointment of a health care proxy.[4]

Statutory Form

Yes, the State of Alabama has a statutory form it requires for use by its residents.[5]


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