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Arkansas Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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Arkansas Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

Updated December 23, 2022

An Arkansas motor vehicle power of attorney is used by the owner of a vehicle (the principal) to allow an agent to deal with matters of registering, licensing, transfer of ownership, and or titling of motor vehicles in Arkansas. This is a limited power of attorney pertaining to vehicles only.

How to Write

1 – Download the Arkansas Vehicle Power Of Attorney PDF Form

This authority form may be accessed using the buttons by the image on the right. Make sure to select the preferred file type, so that you may open and view the file. You may enter the information onscreen using compatible software or you may print this form to fill in the requested items manually.

2 – Identify The Affected Parties

The individual who grants power over the vehicle in question is known as the Principal. This may be an individual or an entity (such as a corporation). On the first blank space in this document, enter Name of the Principal granting power.

On the second blank space, on this page, enter the Mailing Address the Principal maintains.

The individual who will assume the same authority the Principal has over the vehicle as a result of this document is the Agent. Enter the Full Name of the Agent on the space following the phrase “…grants to”

On the blank space preceding the word “(Agent)…” enter the full Mailing Address where the Agent may be easily reached.

3 – Declare The Vehicle

The Agent will be able to make the decisions and take actions regarding a specific Vehicle according to the paragraph’s disclosure. This Vehicle must be defined in the Table below the paragraph. Document the Year, Make, Model, Style, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN Number), and Odometer Reading of the Vehicle the Principal intends to grant Principal Authority over (to the Agent) using the Table provided. There will be an appropriately labeled box for each of these items to be reported.

4 – Document Principal Credentials

The Principal should provide further proof of his/her/its credentials to provide such Authority over the Vehicle.

If the Principal is an individual, then fill in his or her Birth Date and Social Security Number on the blank spaces labeled “Date of Birth” and “Social Security Number” (respectively).

If the Principal is a business entity, then provide this entity’s (F)EIN Number on the space labeled “Federal ID/EIN Number.”

The Principal must Sign this document on the blank space labeled “Principal’s Signature” then, enter the Date of Signature on the adjacent line. This must be done in the presence of a Notary.

The final page of this form has been provided specifically for the Notary Public. Only this entity may fill out the “Notary Acknowledgment Page” and supply the correct credentials.