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Colorado Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Colorado Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 06, 2023

A Colorado limited power of attorney allows a person, known as the principal, to choose someone they trust, known as an agent, to act on their behalf for a specific or limited purpose. It is important that the purpose is carefully detailed so as not to allow for a broader interpretation of the powers than intended. An example of limited power could include the sale of a piece of property on a particular closing date. It is strongly recommended to have a notary available to witness your signature and stamp the document.

How to Write

1 – Gather And Organize Required Paperwork

You may obtain the Colorado Limited Power of Attorney through this website by opening it or downloading it. Each action may be taken by selecting one of the buttons, on the right, when choosing which file type, you prefer to work with. Also, it is generally considered wise to make sure that you have any and all the supporting documents you need as well as reference documents.

2 – Determine The Principal And the Attorney-in-Fact

The First blank space, labeled “Full Name,” must have the Principal’s Name presented.

The second blank space, “Social Security Number,” requires the Principal’s Social Security Number recorded.

Next, on the blank space labeled “Full Name,” after the term “…specific power of attorney to,” requires the Full Name of the Attorney-in-Fact the Principal is granting power to.

The following line will require the Attorney-in-Fact’s “Address” and “Phone” number reported in the appropriate areas.

3 – Approving Granted Powers

Locate the numbered lines after the main paragraph. The Principal may report a specific Power or Type of Authority that he or she wishes to grant the Attorney-in-Fact. The Principal may be as specific as necessary and should make every effort to be decisive and clear. If there is not enough room, the report may continue onto an attachment that is clearly labeled, signed, dated, and attached.

4 – Providing The Granted Powers

The closing paragraphs of this document will contain some vital information that should be read. Once the Principal signs this document he or she will be expected to agree with all the statements in this paperwork.

First, locate the line beginning with “Signed this,” then enter the Date of Signature

Next, the Principal must sign his or her Name on the “Signature” line.