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Delaware Power of Attorney Revocation Form

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Delaware Power of Attorney Revocation Form

Updated January 07, 2023

A Delaware power of attorney revocation is used when you want to cancel a previously written power of attorney. You can use this form to cancel any POA you may have written in the past, but you must be clear on which one you are canceling and you must let anyone who might rely on the original know that you have revoked it. Someone who doesn’t know you have revoked it will not be at fault for relying on the original form as a genuine representation of your directives.

How to Write

1 – Consolidate The Required Paperwork

It is strongly recommended to have the original Authority paperwork handy before filling out this form. The information it contains should be transcribed precisely on this form in the areas calling for it. Download the form template using the appropriate button beneath the image.

2 – Identify the Revoked Power

The introductory area of this form will provide three categories in which you may define the authority being revoked. These powers may be defined as either Health Care or Financial. If they are another sort of power (i.e. a Specific Power), then mark the box labeled “Other” then enter the title of the document on the blank line provided.

3 – Supplement the Required Language With Specific Facts

The Principal’s Name must be clearly displayed, following the word “I,” on the first blank line in the introductory statement.

The Authority being revoked must have a title, make sure to report the Title of the document issuing the Authority being revoked on the space after the words “document titled.” Then, report the Date the Authority Document was executed on the blank space following the words “executed on them.” Report the Date as the Calendar Date, Month, and Year using the three available spaces.

The last pieces of information required by the introductory paragraph will require the Full Name of the Agent or Attorney-in-Fact whose Principal Powers will be terminated by this revocation placed on the blank space between the words “…Which Appointed” and ” As My Agent.”The next blank space must have the Full Name of the Alternate/Successor Agent whose power is being revoked presented.

The last statement in this document will call for the Date of its signing. The Principal issuing this form should enter the Calendar Date when this form is signed.

The Principal must finalize his or her intentions by signing the blank line designated as “Signature of Principal.” Below this, the Principal should print his or her name.

The next page is the Notary Public’s segment of the form. Only the Notary attending the Principal signing is qualified to fill in the information required and notarize the document.