Florida Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Updated February 01, 2023

A Florida limited power of attorney is used to appoint specific legal powers to an individual on behalf of another individual. This agent will have the authority to engage in certain actions and decisions on behalf of the user. These forms usually come into play when the individual granting power does not want the agent to act beyond a predefined purpose or transaction. For instance, in the event that someone is buying a house, but will be unavailable for the closing, the buyer can appoint someone to act in their stead just or that limited instance.


Statutes – Chapter 709 — Powers of Attorney and Similar Instruments

Authority (F.S.A. § 709.2201) – An agent under a power of attorney may act on behalf of the principal and exercise limited (special) authority as expressly granted by the agreement.

Signing Requirements (F.S.A. § 709.2105) – Two (2) Witnesses and Notary Public.