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Georgia Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Georgia Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 06, 2023

A Georgia limited power of attorney is an official declaration of an individual’s decision to grant limited legal powers to a friend, relative, or associate to act in a specific circumstance. It is important the issuing party (the principal) be as explicit as possible when describing what this agent may do in his or her name as per this document. There must be no question as to how or when the agent can perform his or her function as an attorney-in-fact.

How to Write

1 – Gather And Review All Documents

It would be considered wise to go over the exact paperwork defining the Limited Powers the Principal intends to grant before filling out this form. When the Principal has settled upon the powers to be granted, download and open the form available on this page.

2 – The Principal And Agent Must Have Their Information Presented 

The main text of this form will require some basic information so this document may be effective. The first required piece of information to be reported is the First and Last Name of the Principal. This should be immediately followed by the Principal’s Social Security Number. The Principal is the author of this document who shall grant the authority to perform a specific action(s) to an Agent in his or her Name.

The next two blank lines will also require a few pieces of information. On the blank line labeled “Full Name,” record the First and Last Name of the Agent to receive the Authority in this document. If the Agent has a Middle Name or a Title that may be considered part of his or her Name, this should be included.

The blank line labeled “Address” and “Phone” shall request the Agent’s Complete Address and Phone Number. The Complete Address listed here should be a Physical Address.

3 – Provide A Detailed Description Of The Limited Power To Be Granted

The next paragraph will contain three numbered lines. These lines have been provided to the Principal may list the Powers he or she wishes the Agent to wield in his or her name. This should be a detailed list which includes what the Agent is expected to do and when.

4 – Documenting the Date

The Date the Principal signs this form should be clearly presented in the statement starting with the phrase “Signed this…” Utilize the blank space after this phrase to enter the Calendar Day of the Signature. Then, on the blank line after the words “…day of,” enter the Calendar Month when this form is being signed. Finally, after “20,” enter the two-digit Calendar Year when the Principal signs this form

5 – Empowering The Agent Using This Form

The Principal may empower the Agent to perform the tasks defined in this document by signing the blank space labeled “Signature.”