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Georgia Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form T-8)

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Georgia Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form T-8)

Updated June 02, 2022

A Georgia motor vehicle power of attorney (Form T-8) is a template that can be used by an owner of a vehicle to allow another person to handle matters involving the Georgia Motor Vehicle Division, such as registration and titling of a motor vehicle. This is considered a limited power of attorney and is limited to a specific vehicle and issues with the Motor Vehicle Division.

How to Write

1 – Open Or Download The Georgia Motor Vehicle Authority Form

Form T-8 will allow for a Vehicle Owner to appoint an Agent with Principal Power over his or her Vehicle. Each Vehicle Owner will need to sign this document. You may open or download it using the links below the image.

2 – The Identity Of The Vehicle Owner Granting Authority And The Agent Accepting Authority

Each party must be positively identified in this document so the Principal Powers of Authority may be successfully transferred to the Agent through this document.

In the row labeled “Vehicle Owner(s) Full Legal Name(s),” enter the Full Name of the Vehicle Owner who intends to assign Principal Authority to the Agent.

In the second row, labeled “Full Legal Name of Appointed Attorney-in-Fact,” enter the Full Name of the Agent who will assume the Principal Authority to be granted on the second row.

3 – The Vehicle In Question

The Vehicle the Agent will have Principal Authority over will need to be defined in this document as well. Below the action statement, a box with several fields has been provided for this purpose.

The first row here will require the Vehicle Identification Number. Make sure to report one digit per box.

The second row will have several areas requiring information. Report the Year, Make, and Model of the Vehicle in the appropriate areas.

4 – Appointing the Principal Power To The Grantee

The final areas of this form require a verification from the Grantor or Principal of the validity of this document. To do this, the Grantor must enter the Signature Date by reporting the Calendar Day in the first box after the words “…attested this.” Then, report the Month when this document was signed in the box following the words “day of.” Finally report the Year in the last box.

Each Owner or Grantor of Principal Authority must also Print and Sign his or her Name in the box labeled “Owner(s) Full Legal Name(s)” and “Owner(s) Signature(s).”

Now, locate the boxes labeled “Owner’s Address” and “Owner’s Phone Number” where the Address and Phone Number of the Vehicle Owner/Grantor of Power should be recorded.

In some cases, Notarizing the Principal Signing is a requirement, however, regardless if this is such a case such an act is considered a mark of good paperwork. The area labeled “Acknowledgment of Notary Public.” There will be several areas the Notary Public will fill out at the time of signing, which will include information from the Vehicle Owner’s License so make sure this I.D. is present at the time of signing. On the Notary Public’s Credentials and Notarization Seal will satisfy this areas requirements.