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Hawaii Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Hawaii Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 06, 2023

A Hawaii limited power of attorney will name you as a principal delegating his or her authority to an agent. This agent will be authorized here to perform a specific task or act for a specific time period on your behalf. It is important that you carefully and clearly define the task and/or timeframe for which you want your agent to act on your behalf because you do not want it to be interpreted more broadly. A general interpretation in this document would be considered counterproductive by many and can lead to unfortunate consequences if misunderstood.

How to Write

1 – Make Ready The Required Paperwork

The appropriate form to issue a Limited Authority to an Agent may be easily accessed through this page using the buttons on the right. Once you have organized the information and references required to accurately fill in this form, you may either open it or download it. Then, fill it out on screen or manually (once its printed) at your discretion.

2 – The Appointment Of An Attorney-in-Fact

The first blank line on this form will follow the words “Be It Acknowledged…” and will require the “Full Name of the Principal.” Report the Principal’s “Social Security Number” on the next available blank line.

The Legal Name of the Agent or Attorney-in-Fact should be presented on the blank line, labeled “Full Name,” after the words “…specific power of attorney to.” This report should be followed with the Attorney-in-Fact or Agent’s Complete Address.

3 – The Granting Of Principal Power

The language provided in this form has been set to frame the appointment of power but, in addition to the Names of the parties involved, the specific Limited Power being appointed to the Agent must be clearly detailed in a report. This may be supplied on the blank lined following the phrase “…following acts on my behalf.”

4 – Solidifying Principal Intent

The remaining text will deliver information regarding the powers assigned through this form’s execution. At its conclusion will be a “Signed this…” statement that requires the Signature Date of the Principal Signing documented.

The Principal must sign his or her Name on the line above the words “Principal’s Signature.”

The document’s signing should be notarized below the principal Signature by the attending Notary Public.