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Hawaii Power of Attorney Forms

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Hawaii Power of Attorney Forms is a type of legal document that allows an individual (the “principal”) to confer authority upon another party (the “agent”) to act in the principal’s place in certain circumstances and situations. Some powers of attorney are broad and can be used in wide-ranging situations for an extended period of time, while others are specialized for a given situation or limited for a certain time period. Probably the most important thing to consider when using any of these forms is who your agent will be. Is the person trustworthy, responsible and available? These are considerations that you must take into account as the agent will be making decisions that affect you and your assets.

LawsChapter 551E (Uniform Power of Attorney Act)


Advance Health Care Directive (Medical POA) – This form allows a person to choose certain an agent to make healthcare decisions when the principal is no longer able to make decisions.

Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney – This type of POA allows you to designate a trusted agent to continue to act on your behalf even in the event that you can no longer make decisions for yourself.

General (Financial Non-Durable) Power of Attorney – This form is different from a “durable” form in that it becomes void if the principal becomes incapacitated. The theory is that because the principal cannot decide to cancel the power of attorney after incapacity, then it should not be allowed to continue unless specifically specified.

Limited (Special) Power of Attorney – This type of POA, as the name suggests, is used for limited circumstances or time frames and they end upon completion of the task or time period.

Minor (Child) Power of Attorney – Allows appointment of a guardian for a minor in the event the parents anticipate being deployed or otherwise unavailable.

Power of Attorney for Revocation – This form is used to revoke any type of power of attorney, however, in addition to filling it out and signing it, the principal must notify the agent of cancellation and any institutions that may be relying on the original POA.

Real Estate Power of Attorney – To be used when a landlord would like to designate someone else to handle the purchase and sale of their property. May also be used for the agent selected to manage the premises.

Tax Power of Attorney (Form N-848) – This form allows a principal to designate an accountant or other representative to represent them in front of the Department of Taxation.

  • Download: Adobe PDF
  • Signing Requirements – Tax Payer and Representative(s)

Vehicle Power of Attorney – This form lets you appoint a person to represent you with matters involving your motor vehicle and the county motor vehicle department.

  • Download: Adobe PDF
  • Signing Requirements – Owner and Notary acknowledgment

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