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Hawaii Power of Attorney Revocation Form

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Hawaii Power of Attorney Revocation Form

Updated January 07, 2023

A Hawaii power of attorney revocation is a form that allows a person who created a power of attorney in the past to revoke it. In order for this form to be effective, it must be filled out properly then given to the original agent and to any institution that may rely on the previously issued document. That is, it must be dispensed so that any entity in contact with the agent and reliant on the revoked document for the principal’s instructions can act accordingly. It is important to note that a third party who has not received this revocation may follow the agent’s instructions in good faith based on the paperwork naming the principal’s agent as having principal approval to act.

How to Write

1 – Gather And Organize All Paperwork

Before opening or downloading the form (use the buttons for the image), make sure that all your reference materials are available to consult. This form will require some definitions and such items must be reported accurately.

2 – Specify The Type Of Granted Authority Being Revoked

When you are ready to enter information onto this form, you will begin by declaring the type of Authority that will be revoked. Positively identifying the target document is imperative to the successful implementation of this form. Check one of the three boxes (“Health Care Powers,” “Financial Powers,” or “Other”). If marking “Other,” make sure to report the Authority type on the blank line provided.

3 – Identify The Party Issuing The Revocation

The statement in this form will revoke a specific Authority issued by a Principal to one or more Agents and any applicable Successor Agents. To begin this process, enter the Legal Name of the Principal on the first blank line in this statement. This is the individual who has previously issued and Authority and intends to revoke such powers with this form.
4 – Identity The Document Issued Authority To Be Revoked

The following blank space (between the phrase “…document titled” and the words “that I”) must have the Full and exact Title of the Authority document the Principal will revoke through this form.

The following three spaces seek to define the previously issued powers by citing the exact Date of Execution reported on the Authority document. Make sure to enter each item (Calendar Day, Calendar Month, and Calendar Year) in its own space.

We will now tighten our definition of the previously issued Authority document by providing the Name of the Agent granted power in it on the next blank space (between the words “…which appointed” and “as my agent…”)

The next blank line will require the Name of any Alternate Successor Agent named in the previous Authority document to be entered in the space before the words “as my successor agent.”

5 – Sign the Revocation Statement

This form must be Dated and Signed by the Principal in its closing. The Principal should enter the Date he or she signed this form in the statement “This revocation was signed…” by reporting the Day, Month, and Year he or she is signing.

Below this, the Principal must Sign and Print his or her name on the “Signature of Principal” line and the “Print Name” line.

After viewing the Signing of this document by the Principal, the notary Public attending this action will provide the information and notarization necessary for this document’s validation through a Notary Public’s Acknowledgment.