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Iowa Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Iowa Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 06, 2023

An Iowa limited power of attorney is used when one person needs another to represent their interests by completing a specific task (or set of tasks) that the former person is unavailable to perform. It is important to state clearly what the named agent may do and, if possible, when they may act as such so it is not read to convey broader powers than intended.

How to Write

1 – Open The Required Iowa Form

The three buttons below the image link to the Limited Power form you will need to fill out. Open any of these file versions to attain a copy. It is strongly recommended that you save a copy to your machine.

2 – The Principal’s Determined Appointment Must Be Identified

On the first blank space of this form enter the Legal Name of the Grantor or Principal. This individual will use this form to appoint another individual with the Authority to carry out the Actions defined in this document. The Identity of the Grantor will be further validated by entering his or her Official Address on the space following the words “whose address is”In order to fulfill the purpose of this paperwork, record the Legal Name of the individual who will accept the responsibility and Principal Authority being assigned to this person. Enter the Name of the Principal Agent on the blank space following the words “hereby appoint.”

3 – Define The Nature Of The Principal Authority

The next task will be to specify precisely what the Agent may use Principal Authority for. That is what does the Principal expect the Agent to do on his or her behalf. There will be a set of numbered blank lines where these expectations may be defined. This should be a clear description of Principal Power and may be continued on a separate document that is attached by the time of signing.

4 – The Execution Of This Document Will Be Complete With The Principal Signature

The Principal must enter the Calendar Day, Month, and Year he or she is signing this document using the blank spaces presented in the statement beginning with the words “In Witness Whereof…” The Principal must then sign his or her Name to execute the delegation of Principal Power to the named Agent. Below the Signature Date and Witness Signature will be an area where two Witnesses may verify their observance of the Principal Signing by signing their own names and providing their Addresses.