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Iowa Durable Statutory Power of Attorney Form

An Iowa durable statutory power of attorney form is used when a person wants someone to have the ability and authority to handle their financial affairs. A durable power of attorney can also be used if a person anticipates being away or incapable of handling their financial matters in the near future.
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Signing Requirements

The principal is required to acknowledge their signature in front of a notary public. The agent only has to have their signature notarized if they sign the optional Agent Certification.[1][2]

Definition of “Durable”

“Durable,” with respect to a power of attorney, means not terminated by the principal’s incapacity.[3]

Definition of “Power of Attorney”

“Power of attorney” means a writing that grants authority to an agent to act in the place of the principal, whether or not the term “power of attorney” is used.[4]

Statutory Form

The Iowa Legislature has created a sample power of attorney form available at § 633B.301.