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Idaho Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Idaho Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 06, 2023

An Idaho limited power of attorney allows the person creating the document to appoint someone they trust to act in their stead for a specific transaction or time period. It is important when filling out this form that the principal takes the time to give a very detailed account of what he or she expects the agent to be able to do in his or her name. Once the principal signs this paperwork it will become a legal tool for the agent when conducting principal affairs for as long as its terms allow unless the principal revokes it.

How to Write

1 – Download The Free Form

The form on this page will provide the required structure for issuing a Limited Power. An image is available for viewing and the form may be obtained by clicking on the button below it.

2 – The Principal Issuing A Limited Power

The Principal or Grantor of Authority must present his or her Name on the blank first blank line.

The second blank line in this paragraph should have the Grantor’s Complete Address entered. This should be his or her residential address.

3 – The Grantee Who Accepts The Grantor Principal’s Authority

Once the Grantor of Power has been positively Identified in this document, it will be time to identify the recipient of this Authority or Power, otherwise known as the Grantee. Enter the Grantee’s Name on the line between the words “appoint” and “my true.”

4 – The Grantor’s Grant Of Limited Authority

We have identified the Grantor of Power and the Grantee of Power. To complete this form, we must also document what Authority, Power, and/or Actions the Grantee is responsible and approved for using the numbered blank lines in this document. This should be a concise and specific list of the Principal’s expectations and approvals. If desired, Dates or Events defining when the Grantee’s Authority begins and ends may also be specified here. If there is not enough room, an attachment may be made so long as it is present at the time of signing.

5 – The Grantor Principal’s Authorizing Signature

By now, the Grantor, Grantee, and Limited Power or Authority have been fully defined. If the Principal approves of everything reported and wishes to execute this document, he or she should begin by entering the Date of Signature in the last statement. Three individual spaces have been provided for this. The Grantor must sign his or her Name immediately after this statement.

Below this will be enough room for two Witnesses to sign their names in the column below the word “Witnesses.” The column in the lower right will provide the corresponding spaces so that each Witness may report his or her Address next to his or her Signature.