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Idaho Power of Attorney Forms

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Idaho Power of Attorney Forms provides a way for one person to allow another entity to legally act in his or her place with his or her resources. The paperwork here can take many forms and be used for many types of situations from discreet/limited transactions to everyday long-term representation. What they have in common is a principal, the person conferring the authority and the agent, the person acting on behalf of the principal. It is strongly recommended that all parties have a frank discussion regarding the powers and the responsibilities defined by this paperwork before it is filled out and executed.

LawsChapter 12 (Uniform Power of Attorney Act)


Durable Power of Attorney – The agent can and will still continue to act on behalf of the principal even if an incapacitating event occurs that renders the principal unable to make decisions.

General Power of Attorney – This type of form is similar to the durable, except that it becomes void if the principal can no longer make decisions for himself.

Limited Power of Attorney – A legal way for someone to confer authority on another for a discreet transaction or period of time.

Medical Power of Attorney & Living Will – Appoints a person to make medical care decisions for another.

Power of Attorney for Minor Child (Parental) – Appoints a person or persons to be guardians of a minor child for a period of time.

  • Download: Adobe PDF
  • Signing Requirements (§15-12-105): Signature must be acknowledged before Notary Public

Power of Attorney Revocation Form – This is used to cancel any type of POA already in existence.

Real Estate Power of Attorney – Allows an agent, selected by the property owner, to have specific or ultimate decision-making power over the managing and selling of property.

Tax Power of Attorney Form – Used by a taxpayer in order to have another person represent him with tax filings etc.

  • Download: Adobe PDF
  • Signing Requirements: Taxpayer

Vehicle Power of Attorney Form (IDT-3368) – Used when a vehicle owner needs someone to represent them with the motor vehicle authority, such as registering of titling.

  • Download: Adobe PDF
  • Signing Requirements: Grantor and Notary acknowledgment

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