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Idaho Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form (ITD-3368)

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Idaho Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form (ITD-3368)

Updated June 02, 2022

An Idaho motor vehicle power of attorney (Form ITD-3368) must be used by a vehicle owner when they intend to grant authority to another person to make decisions and engage in actions such as the registering, licensing, transferring of ownership, or the titling of motor vehicles in Idaho. This is considered a limited power of attorney and will relate to one vehicle owned by and controlled by the principal vehicle owner.

How to Write

1 – Obtain The Limited Power For Vehicles Form

This form will enable a Vehicle Owner to give a power of attorney over his or her vehicle to another individual, meaning they may represent the Vehicle Owner (Grantor) regarding this Vehicle. You may open and download this form for free, here on this page using the PDF button.

2 – Record The Vehicle Information

The top of this form will provide a table so that information regarding the concerned Vehicle may be reported properly. The first row is reserved so the Vehicle Identification Number may be documented in the first cell and the Vehicle Title Number reported in the second cell.

The second row will need the Year, Make, and Model of the Vehicle in the cells labeled “Year,” “Make,” and “Model” respectively.

3 – Document Who Vehicle Owner Authority Will Be Granted To

The next table “Power of Attorney Given To,” should have the Full Name of the intended Representative. If an individual will receive this Authority, then enter the First, Middle, and Last Name. If this is the Name of a Business make sure to enter any descriptive suffixes in the Business Entity’s Name.

The next row will have three cells where the “Address,” “City,” “State,” and “Zip” of the intended Vehicle Owner’s Agent entered.

4 – The Vehicle Owner’s Status, Identity, And Contact Information Must Be Declared

The Vehicle Owner first must have his or her status as an Individual or Business Entity defined. This will be indicated by the type of information entered and which table is filled out in the next section:

If the Vehicle Owner is an Individual, fill in the table beneath the words “If the grantor is an individual…” This table will require the Vehicle Owner’s Full Name (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name) entered in the first cell and his or her Idaho Driver’s License or Social Security Number enter in the second cell.

The next two rows will be divided into four columns to fully report the Grantor/Vehicle Owner’s Address. The second row of this table is reserved for the Vehicle Owner’s Street Address while the third is for the Vehicle Owner’s Mailing Address. If the Vehicle Owner has a separate Mailing Address, it must be reported below the Street Address. Record the Street Address and (if applicable) Mailing Address in the first column.

Then, report the City of the Address in the second column

Next, enter the State of the Address in the third column.

Finally, enter the Zip Code for the Address you are recording in the fourth column.

The last row of this table will have a cell, labeled “Individual’s Signature” where the Grantor/Vehicle Owner must sign his or her name to execute this document. Next, to this the Grantor/Vehicle Owner must provide the Date of Signature, then his or her Daytime Telephone Number in the cells labeled “Date” and “Daytime Phone Number.”

If the Grantor/Principal is a business entity, do not fill in the above table. You will need to fill in the table below the words “If the grantor is a business, complete the following.” The first row will require three cells of information: the Full Name of the Business Entity granting power, the Authorized Representative’s Printed Name, and the Business’s Entity Identification Number (EIN).”

The next two rows will be divided into four columns so the Physical Address of the Business and any different Mailing Address may be reported in distinct areas. If the Business Entity does not have a separate Mailing Address, the third row may be left blank, but the second row (beginning with “Business Current Legal Address”) must be filled in regardless. Enter the Address in the first column, the City in the second column, the State in the third column. The Zip Code should be supplied in the fourth column.

The last row of this table will require the Authorized Representative’s (from the first row) sign his or her Name, provide a Date of Signature, and enter his or her Daytime Phone Number in the cells provided.

The last section will be filled out by the Notary Public notarizing this signing. This is a requirement for a Vehicle Power of Attorney, so make sure this requirement is fulfilled by a Notary Public.