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Illinois Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Illinois Limited Power of Attorney Form is a template that will act both as proof that a conferment of an individual’s authority onto an agent has occurred and as a report on the precise actions the principal approves for that agent. Only certain powers can be delegated to a reliable friend or relative for a specific act or event. You, as the principal, should be very clear about the role that you want your agent to play. This type of form is used when there is a specific transaction or a short period of time when the principal needs the agent to act.

How to Write

1 – Find and Obtain The Limited Power Form On This Page

Three versions of this form are available below the image. You may open them with an appropriate program or form-friendly browser. Select and open the version you prefer by clicking on the button below the image. Generally, it is a good idea to save the form onto your machine.

2 – Definitively Identify The Principal And The Agent

On the first blank space in this form, enter the Full Name of the individual granting power. This should be followed by this Grantor’s Address as it appears on the records and his or her I.D. cards.

The third blank space requires the Name of the individual being appointed with the Grantor’s Principal Powers. Enter the Name of this Agent on the blank line preceding the words “my true and lawful agent.”

3 – The Limited Powers Being Granted Should Be Defined

The numbered list of blank spaces must contain the Principal or Grantor’s Instructions and Appointed Powers to the Agent. This should be a well written and complete account of what the Principal expects and will allow. You may continue this report on an attachment if there is not enough room.

4 – Finishing The Execution Of This Document

The Principal must enter the Date of Signature in the final statement of this form. Three spaces have been provided in the “In Witness Whereof…” statement for this purpose. Below this, the Principal must sign his or her Name along with two Witnesses. Each Witness must also provide his or her Address.