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Illinois Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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Illinois Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 02, 2022

An Illinois motor vehicle power of attorney is used to designate someone other than yourself to represent you in front of the Vehicle Services Department when it comes to your motor vehicle, including registration issues and titling. Make sure you have a frank discussion with the person you have elected regarding the actions you wish him or her to take on your behalf. A clear line of communication is imperative so that your directions may be carried out correctly. Needless to say, it would be in your best interest to only delegate authority to an individual that you consider responsible and trustworthy.

How to Write

1 – Click On The Button Below The File Image On This Page

Consolidate your paperwork. You will need information regarding the Vehicle Owner, Agent receiving authority over the vehicle, and the Vehicle itself. This information will be requested on this form and will need to be reported exactly as it appears in the books. Open this form when you are ready to enter information or ready to print it and fill in the information. You may use a form friendly browser or an appropriate software program for PDF’s.

2 – Record The Vehicle Owner’s Information

Locate the blank line labeled “Name of individual appointing power of attorney.” Report the Name of the Vehicle Owner as it appears on his or her Driver’s License.

On the next blank line, following the words “whose address is,” must have the complete Address of the Vehicle Owner entered.

3 – Record the Agent’s Information

On the blank space following the term “…constitute and appoint,” enter the Full Name of the individual who will be able to make decisions and carry out actions regarding this Vehicle as if he or she were the Principal Vehicle Owner.

On the blank line below the Agent’s Full Name, record the Complete Address of the Agent.

4 – Define The Vehicle Concerned

There will be some necessary language then five more labeled blank lines that will need to be attended to. Using this area, you must report the Vehicle Make, Year, Model, Body Type, and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

5 – If The Vehicle Is Purchased

In the event this is relating to a Purchase, enter the Purchaser’s Name, Address, and the Date of Sale on the blank lines below the heading “Complete the following (if applicable).” This section may be left blank if it does not apply.

6 – Complete This Form

The end of this form will require the Signature of each Vehicle Owner granting power to the Agent through this form. Below the Signature, the Vehicle Owner should enter the Date he or she signed this document.