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Kansas Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Kansas Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 06, 2023

A Kansas limited power of attorney allows a person to tailor the powers they are granting to a specific time or circumstance. It is important they find the right person to be their agent and they carefully describe the powers being granted so they can’t be interpreted any broader than intended.

How to Write

1 – The Limited Authority Form Must Be Opened From This Page

The form required to issue a specific Authority designated by the Principal is available below the image on the right. Use the appropriate software to open the form then, save it.

2 – Supplement The Language In the First Paragraph With The Principal And Agent’s Information

On the blank line preceding the term “whose address is,” report the Legal Name of the Grantor of Principal Authority. Then, on the blank space after the term “whose address is,” enter the Grantor’s Complete Residential Address.The next empty space has been designated for the Legal Name of the Agent or Grantee of the Principal Authority. Make sure to enter the Grantee’s Full Name, including any Middle Names or Titles that appear on his or her Identifying paperwork.

The Powers being granted to the Attorney-in-Fact will need to be described and documented on the blank line labeled “1” and “2.” If there is not enough room, then an attachment providing the full description of the Principal’s Preferences should be drawn up then, included with this form by the time the Principal signs it. 

3 – Supply This Form With The Required Signature

The Principal’s Signature area will begin with the statement “In Witness Whereof, this…” where the Principal will write out the Day, Month, and Year when he or she signs this form. This statement must be signed by the Principal, once it is filled out.

Next, there will be two blank lines below the word “Witness” where two separate individuals, each a Witness to the Principal Signature, must sign their names. Each Signature Witness should provide his or her Address on the blank spaces provided to the right of the Signature line.