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Kansas Power of Attorney Forms

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Kansas Power of Attorney Forms supplies a variety of options for a principal to delegate his or her authority to an attorney-in-fact. There are general forms which allow you (the principal) to approve another person (the attorney-in-fact) to manage your financial affairs or there are more specific template forms where you can assign powers for a discreet purpose such as representing your interests in front of the tax authorities or the motor vehicle department. When you anticipate not being available to handle one or more responsibilities you must live up to, assigning a separate entity to act on your behalf can potentially keep business running as usual despite your absence.  However, it is important that you choose a representative who is trustworthy and reliable to represent your interests. All forms should be written in accordance with Chapter 58, Article 6 (Powers and Letters of Attorney).


Durable Power of Attorney – This type appoints a representative to handle your general financial affairs and other matters. It can go in effect at a time of your choosing and it is different from other types of POAs in that it will stay in effect even in the event you become incapable of making your own decisions or are otherwise determined to be incompetent.

General Power of Attorney – This type is similar to the durable POA in that it confers general financial powers on a representative to handle general financial and other matters, however, unlike a durable POA, it becomes void if you have been determined to be incompetent.

Health Care Power of Attorney – This type is used to appoint a representative or agent who will make health care decisions on your behalf when it has been determined that you are unable to make those decisions for yourself.

Limited Power of Attorney – This type is used for certain specific matters or time periods. It is limited by time and circumstance as the principal determines.

Minor Child Power of Attorney – This type is used when parents need to leave their children in the charge of someone else if they anticipate being away for a period of time.

Power of Attorney Revocation – This not a POA, but it is used to revoke a POA that you may have executed in the past.

Real Estate Power of Attorney – To elect an individual to have to decision-making power to close or negotiate a real property transaction.

Tax Power of Attorney – This type is used when you need someone to represent your interests with the tax authorities in Kansas.

Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form TR-41) – This type is used when you need a representative to represent your interests related to your motor vehicle in front of the Kansas Division of Vehicles.