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Kansas Power of Attorney for Minor Child (Parental) Form

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Kansas Power of Attorney for Minor Child (Parental) Form

Updated August 28, 2023

A Kansas power of attorney for minor child (parental) form allows a parent to appoint a trusted guardian to care for their children for a temporary period of time. The guardian will have the power to make health care and educational decisions on behalf of the children. This is a form that may be helpful to have in place in the event a parent will be away and inaccessible to their children for a period of time. Other examples where this template may be useful are if a parent has an illness that is going to require hospitalization or if they are deployed by the military. This document is valid for one (1) year.

How to Write

1 – Open The Form On This Page

The paperwork required for a Parent or Current Guardian to designate Guardian Powers to an intended Guardian is attainable by selecting the button beneath the image on the right that. Click on the file type that you wish to work with.

2 – Document All Three Parties Involved

You will need to report the Principal, Guardian Agent, and Minor this paperwork will link together. The Principal is the Parent or Minor’s Current Guardian who will use this form to grant legal Guardian Powers over a Minor in his or her care. Report the Name of the Principal Parent or Current Guardian on the first blank space on this page.        

The Guardian or Agent is the individual who will accept the responsibility of child care through the granting of the Principal’s Guardian Authority. Enter the Legal Name of the Guardian Agent on the blank space after the words “…appoint the.”

Next, there will be enough room to report the identities of two Minors who the intended Guardian will assume responsibility over in the matters discussed in this form. On the blank space before the word “DOB,” enter the Name of the Minor then on the blank space following “DOB” enter the Birth Date of the Minor reported in the previous space. At least one Minor and his or her Birth Date must be recorded.

3 – Identify The Guardian Authority Being Granted

Each area of Authority the intended Guardian may concern him or herself with should be properly defined and documented. This form will provide the basic required wording for this task, however, it will need some specific information entered occasionally. The first such instance will be the blank space in Item 1 under the heading “Health Care Decisions.” Enter the Name of the concerned Child or Minor on this blank space. Next, in Item 2, enter the Full Name of each Minor the Guardian will make the Health Care Decisions defined on the blank space. Item 3 will also need the Legal Name of the Minor entered on the blank space it contains. There will be two more statements requiring attention under the heading “Education Related Decisions.” In the first item, enter the full Name of the Minor who the Guardian may have the Authority of making decisions regarding the Minor’s Enrollment in Educational Facilities. In the second statement, report the Name of the Minor over whom the intended Guardian may decide the various educational topics defined in the Minor’s Life.4 – The Parent/Current Guardian’s Execution Of This Form

Each Parent or Current Guardian must provide the Date he or she is signing this document. The next task for the Principal will be to sign his or her Name above the blank line above “xxxx.” The next page will allow the Notary Public serving this document’s Principal Signature a place to provide the appropriate information and notarize this form by a seal.