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Kentucky Power of Attorney for Minor Child | Form AOC-796

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Kentucky Power of Attorney for Minor Child | Form AOC-796

Updated June 07, 2023

A Kentucky power of attorney for minor child (Form AOC-796) is the paperwork that a parent should fill out designating another person to make decisions on behalf of their children in the event they are going to be unavailable to make those decisions for their child. This form is useful if parents anticipate being away from their child(ren) for a period of time, or there is an illness that requires long-term hospitalization, or maybe a military deployment.

Petition for Guardianship – If the parent is seeking to have a legal guardian for the minor they will need to make a petition to the Family Court in accordance with KRS 387.025.

How to Write

1 – The Form Designating Authority Over A Minor Should Be Obtained Here

The paperwork required to delegate Guardian Authority in Kentucky is accessible through the file type buttons on the right. Select your preferred format then open the form.

2 – The Parent Or Current Guardian’s Statement Of Intent

This form will provide the framework for the Parent (or current Guardian) statement required to assign decision-making authority regarding a Minor’s Health Care and Education. The first area of this statement has several blank spaces where the Parent (or current Guardian) must be identified.

On the first empty space, enter the Legal Name of the Minor’s Parent or current Guardian. This individual is the party who currently holds the right to delegate authority over the welfare of the child (or Minor) to an individual. Then four blank spaces will each call for an item in the Parent or Guardian’s Residential Address. Enter the “City,” “County,” “State,” and Physical “Street Address” where the Minor’s Parent (or Current Guardian) lives. Now, look for the term “…make, constitute, and appoint.” Utilize the blank space after these words to enter the Legal Name of the intended Guardian. This is the individual who will assume Guardian Authority over the Minor in regard to Power Description below. The next empty space will require the Legal Residential Address of the intended Guardian clearly presented on it.

3 – The Delegation Of Medical And Educational Authority

The first delegation of Power to the intended Guardian (or Attorney-in-Fact) will concern the Health Care Decisions involved for the welfare of the child. Locate the statement beginning with the words “To consent to medical treatment…,” then enter the Name of the concerned Minor. This statement will grant the Attorney-in-Fact with the Guardian Authority to make important decisions regarding the Minor’s Health Care (i.e. medical, dental, mental, pharmacy, etc.).The next statement will define the Authority that will be delivered to the intended Guardian regarding the School-Related Decisions that directly affect the Minor. Locate the words “To make school-related decisions…” then, document the Full Name of the Child (or Minor) concerned. Next, document the living situation of the Minor onto the second blank space by reporting the Name of the intended Guardian (or Attorney-in-Fact) following the words “…the minor child resides with.” The next blank space will solidify the Residential Address of the Child (or Minor) as with the intended Guardian (or Legal Custodian). Record the Residential Address of the Minor on the empty space after the words “…the minor child resides with.”

4 – The Date Of Execution

Now that all the parties directly involved with this paperwork have been defined, it will be time to give a Date to its Execution. That is, when the Parent (or Current Guardian) physically signs this form. This Date should be entered by the Parent/Legal Guardian who is delegating Power to the Attorney-in-Fact. Locate the statement “So acknowledged this…” then enter the Day, Month, and Year the current Guardian or Parent is signing this document.5 – The Notarized Signing

The two blank spaces below the Date of Execution are listed as “Parent/Legal Guardian’s Name (printed)” and “Parent/Legal Guardian’s Signature.” The Parent/Legal Guardian of the Child must Print then Sign his or her Name on this document. If there are two Parents, then either use the appropriate software to add another line or fill out a separate form for the other Parent or Guardian. The boxed off section is reserved for the use of the Notary Public. He or she will provide any additional instruction that may be necessary so this paperwork may be notarized successfully.