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Kentucky Power of Attorney Forms

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Kentucky Power of Attorney Forms let a person transfer authority to another to manage and transact his or her business affairs or other types of affairs. These types of forms can be useful if a person is expecting to be unavailable for a period of time, has a transaction that he or she would like someone else to handle for them, or wants to have someone available to take care of his or her children in the event he or she becomes unavailable or incapacitated. It is important that the person chosen to take over authority is someone who is trusted by the person granting authority.

Laws – KRS Chapter 457 (Uniform Power of Attorney Act)


Advance Directive (Medical POA) – This type allows you to choose an agent to represent your health care interests.

Durable Power of Attorney – The durable form allows a person to convey financial authority to another. Such power continues, unless revoked, even after the principal is declared incompetent.

General Power of Attorney – This is similar to the durable power in that it conveys financial authority to another and continues until revoked, however, it becomes void if the principal is declared incompetent.

Limited Power of Attorney – The limited form is used for specific transactions or time periods. For instance, if someone is selling a home they can prepare a limited form to grant authority for an attorney to act in such a specific situation.

Minor Child Power of Attorney –  In the event that you may be away from your children, this type allows you to designate a caretaker for them while you are unavailable.

Power of Attorney Revocation – You can use a revocation form to revoke any type of power of attorney.

  • Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • Signing Requirements: Not specifically mentioned, but should be signed in the same manner as the original Power of Attorney (two (2) Witnesses and Notary acknowledgment).

Real Estate Power of Attorney – To elect a representative to handle the purchase, sale, or management of real property for a period of time or until the owner’s death.

Tax Power of Attorney – This allows you to designate a person to represent you with the tax authority. The State of Kentucky recognizes the Federal Tax Form 2848 for all power of attorney tax purposes.

Vehicle Power of Attorney – In the event that you need someone to help you with motor vehicle issues, this form lets you designate someone to do that.