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Kentucky Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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Kentucky Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

Updated January 13, 2023

A Kentucky motor vehicle power of attorney is a type of limited power of attorney that can only be used for the titling, registration, or other discreet matters concerning a Kentucky vehicle owner’s vehicle with the Kentucky Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

How to Write

1 – Select The Appropriate File Type To Work With

The preview image of the Kentucky Form required to delegate Power over a Vehicle will have three buttons below it, each leading to the file type of its namesake. Make sure to select the one that you possess the correct software to edit or fill in. Most browsers will be compatible with this form, however, if there you do not have the appropriate software to edit the document, you may open it as a PDF, print it, then fill it out manually.

2 – This Document Must Present The Principal And Agent In A Required Statement

The initial statement in this form will only be effective if you enter information that is specific to the purpose at hand. To begin, the Legal Name of the Principal Vehicle Owner issuing this document must be presented on the first blank space (after the words “This Document Presents that…”). This may be either a Business Entity that owns the Vehicle or an Individual so long as the Legal Name is properly displayed.    Additionally, the second blank space in this statement calls for the Principal Vehicle Owner’s Mailing Address entered onto it.This statement will now require the Agent’s Full Name entered after the words “…grants to.” This will be the individual who will be able to make decisions regarding the Principal’s Vehicle as if he or she were the Principal.The Mailing Address of the Principal’s Agent must also be reported. Enter it on the blank space between the words “…with a mailing address of” and “Agent.”

3 – The Vehicle In The Focus Of This Action Must Be Clearly Identified

The Principal Vehicle Owner’s Vehicle will also need to be documented properly so the Agent may act with it with Principal Authority. The table below the first paragraph contains several headings: Year, Make, Model, Style, VIN Number, and Odometer. Use these boxes to enter what Year the vehicle was issued, the Make of the Vehicle, the Model of the Vehicle, the Vehicle Style, the Vehicle Identification Number, and the vehicle’s Odometer Reading.4 – The Credentials Of the Principal Must Be Presented

There will be two clearly defined areas beneath the Vehicle Information Table. Only one of these statements will need to be attended to. If the Principal Vehicle Owner is an individual then, using the blank spaces beneath the underlined term “Individual’s Name,” enter the Principal Vehicle Owner’s “Date of Birth” and “Social Security Number.”If the Principal Vehicle Owner is a business entity, then using the blank space beneath the underlined words “Company’s Name,” enter the Principal Vehicle Owner’s “Federal ID/EIN Number.”

5 – The Principal Vehicle Owner Issuing This Document Must Provide A Notarized Dated Signature

The Principal Vehicle Owner must sign the blank line labeled “Principal’s Signature.” Next to this, the Principal Vehicle Owner must enter the Date he or she signed this form.The area below this, “Notary Acknowledgment,” requires the attention of the Notary Public attending this signing. This entity will substantiate some facts regarding the Principal Signing, supply his or her credentials, then stamp this document to complete the notarization process.