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Louisiana Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Louisiana Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Louisiana limited power of attorney, when properly executed, is an official document that bestows an individual’s authority on another to act on behalf of the principal individual. Generally, such paperwork is employed when a specified transaction or limited circumstance is in effect and the principal requires aid in making sure a task or set of tasks are carried out on his or her behalf. Scenarios, where this document may be used effectively, would include a bill that needs to be paid, a mediation the principal cannot attend must take place, or an individual or agent must be granted access to principal records on a temporary basis for a specific purpose. It is important to clearly define the circumstance or transaction for which you are granting authority.

How to Write

1 – Open This Form And Identify The Principal

Each of the buttons near the form image, on this page, will deliver access to the form required to issue a Limited Authority to an Agent. Use one of the buttons to open this form. You may either enter information directly onto the screen with software such as Adobe, Word or an up-to-date browser or you may print it then fill in the information requested. When you are ready, open this form.

The first requested piece of information is that of the Principal’s Name. Enter the Principal’s Full Name on the first blank line of this form. The second blank space must have the Principal’s Residential Building Number, Street Name, Unit Number, City, State, and Zip Code presented.

2 – Declare The Purpose Of This Form

The purpose of this form is to provide a method for a Principal (the above named) to delegate his or her Authority in specific matters to an Attorney-in-Fact. Report the Full Name of the Attorney-in-Fact being appointed with Principal Power on the blank space between the words “…hereby appoint” and “my true and lawful agent.”The next piece of information that must be displayed will be a description of the actual Authority and Power being delivered to the Attorney-in-Fact. Use the blank lines designated as “1” and “2,” to describe the Principal Authority that will empower the Agent and any Principal Instructions that accompany such Authority. If there is not enough room you may either edit the document to add more space or attach a paper document with this information to the final version before the Principal signing.

3 – The Principal And Witnesses Must Sign This Form After it is Dated

The “In Witness Whereof” sentence near the end of this form must have the exact Date the Principal and Witnesses sign this paperwork, effectively executing it. Enter the Signature Date as Two-Digit Calendar Day, the Month (written out), and the Two-Digit Calendar Year this form is being signed on the three blank spaces provided. The Principal must sign this statement. Below the Principal’s Signature Date, each Witness must enter sign his or her Name on a blank line in the “Witnesses” column, then report his or her Residential Address in the “Address” column.